Matteo Bevilacqua (* January 27, 1962) follows in the footsteps of his father, an amateur self-taught madolin, and at the age of six he begins to study the mandolin under the guidance of teacher Vincenzo Scanzano. He made his first concert at the age of 7, where he memorizes 35 Italian national songs and compositions. His activity on the mandolin is recorded by leading Italian musicians and they recommend studying the violin at the conservatory (at that time there was no mandolin department in Italy). In 1985, he graduated from the Umberto Giordano di Foggia Conservatory, with the highest evaluation, and began his career as a violinist by winning numerous national competitions and giving concerts both in Italy and in Europe, without, however, leaving the mandolin. After the opening of the first Italian mandolin playing department in Padua, he graduated from the aforementioned conservatory in 1999 and was one of the first in Italy (the first in the Puglia region) to receive this title.
He has performed more than 100 concerts in Italy with an exclusive focus on the original repertoire for mandolin, including:
ROME Museum of Science in Trastevere,
BENEVENTO Teatro Comunale e Sede Archivescovile,
NAPOLI Teatro Bellini e Sala Napolitano,
FOGGIA From the Monte dei Paschi di Siena Foundation
FOGGIA Chiostro Santa Chiara
MONTE S.ANGELO (FG) Auditorium Beato Bronislao Markiewicz.
He recorded pieces for both violin and mandolin for Italian TV and radio
program Radio I -Gocce di luna -;
live broadcast from Venice on TV RAI I “Io, la luna e tu” -,
Rai Radio 3 – Il Terzo Anello – Di A. Stalteri
For TELENORBA (private TV station in Puglia) – L’Aia – musica popolare
TELEFOGGIA (regional TV Puglia) – as a guest,
TV Padre Pio (private TV dedicated to Padre Pio) – film music
Very often he is invited by music associations, to perform preludes by Raffaele Calace for solo mandolin, as one of the few musicians who can interpret these compositions with virtuosity.
He is the founder and soloist on the mandolin of the 900 Napoletano quartet, where with gusto and elegance he offers the “golden age” of Neapolitan popular songs, without disturbing the harmonic structure.
In 2000, he was invited by the Italian Ministry of Education to select professors to teach mandolin at Italian conservatories.
In 2005 and 2007 he accepted an invitation from the Brno mandolin orchestra MORAVAN, to the Semilasso Hall, where he performed Calace’s prelude.
During concerts for orchestra and mandolin, he focuses on skiddings by Vivaldi, Lecce, Conforto, Eterardi, Paisiello, Barbella, Hummel, Hoffmann and Calace.
In collaboration with the music recording studio IKTIUS, he realizes the CD Amarcord, where he uses both the violin and the mandolin, alongside pianist Giuseppe Spagnoli, and presents the most famous Italian and world film compositions.
He is currently a professor at the “Umberto Giordano” di Foggia conservatory, Rodi Garganico section, Italy

Matteo BEVILACQUA graduated from the conservatory “U. Giordano ”di Foggia under the guidance of Professor Gemma Mastromatteo with maximum evaluation and as the best student.
He is improving with the violin virtuoso Felix Ayo, when he is described as a virtuoso with great musicality.
Always awarded top performances in countless national violin competitions, he embarks on a brilliant concert career emphasizing the romantic period; efforts that lead him to organize more than 100 concerts.
In collaboration with the music recording studio IKTIUS di Milano, he recorded the CD “AMARCORD” distributed by I.R.D. Worldwide..
He taught violin at the conservatories of Vibo Valentia and Benevento. He currently works as a violin professor at the Conservatory of Foggia in the Rodi Garganico section.

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