The mandolin virtuoso will visit Brno

The Italian virtuoso on the mandolin, Matteo Bevilacqua, will perform tonight at a concert by the Moravan Orchestra at the Semilasso Cultural Center in Brno. The musician will perform preludes and solos for mandolin by author Raffael Calace.

The concert is organized on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Brno Královo Pole district, which supports the activities of the Moravan mandolin orchestra.

The core of the ensemble consists of string instruments, mandolins, mandoles, mandocella, guitars and double bass. The sound is complemented by accordions, drums and possibly a wind quintet. The mandolin as an instrument comes from Italy and musicians now use the so-called Neapolitan type with a drop-arched bottom for the concert playing.

The Moravan Mandolin Orchestra was founded in 1937 and is the only amateur ensemble of its kind in the Czech Republic.

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